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Discover how Spark Business Group can accelerate your business

Spark Business Group

Spark Business Group is a collective of experienced digital specialists across five core areas of expertise designed to streamline solutions for NZ businesses.

Is your business limited by your technology?

From connectivity, digital infrastructure and the latest in business hardware, to cloud computing, customer experience (CX) optimisation, data science and artificial intelligence models built to your needs, we can help your organisation thrive by tapping into tomorrow, today.

Spark Insight Engine

Insights from industry experts.

Our new Insight Engine series brings you the latest insights and solutions from our experts and some of the smartest technology leaders in Aotearoa, in response to today’s most pressing business challenges and the impact of technology.


Collaborating to create a
complete service.

We’re here to help, whether you’re looking to incorporate IoT, Collaboration Tools, Modern Management, IT Sourcing, Connectivity, refine Customer Experience, Digital Transformation and Innovation. Our experts with their proven experience are here to help your team achieve their goals. Our offering is built to the needs of New Zealand business, with Qrious, Digital Island, CCL, Leaven and Spark contributing their individual strengths to create a comprehensive suite of services and products.

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Working with industry across Aotearoa

Aotearoa has a diverse range of industries, and with that comes a need for diverse thinking. We work with everyone from financial and insurance institutions, to government, healthcare, education, manufacturing, logistics, and retail. We know that no two industries are the same, and have a broad range of learnings, with an indepth understanding of what works in each field to deliver real results.

Case Study
Data & AI

Using AI To Save The Kiwi

To understand the impact of these conservation efforts, and identify which tactics are working, it’s essential that DOC can accurately measure and monitor kiwi populations.

Discover how Spark Business Group can help propel your organisation