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Transport and Logistics

Discover how Spark Business Group can shift the transport industry.
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The big tech shift

Today, moving data and information is just as critical to delivering service in the transport and distribution sector as delivering the loads. It can help address the increasing challenges of fuel efficiencies, transparent service, regulation compliance and supply chain visibility to meet customer expectations. From the hardware and software that allows fleet and freight tracking, enabling your day to day operations to be more efficient, to modeling future needs and streamlining customer interactions online, we can help. 

Our Spark Business Group team offer solutions for every digital and communications touchpoint. 

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Moving the data that moves your business

The logistics of today are underpinned by complex data and information, tracking multiple inputs from diverse sources. We can help make sure your systems are capable of handling the demands of today and tomorrow. From data integration platforms that allow different inputs like IoT devices for monitoring of consignments as they move across the world, and through warehousing to automated systems within logistics centres that give peace of mind to you and your customers.

We can do it all at speed, and securely to help you deliver a competitive advantage.

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