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Unleashing IoT Vehicles with Hyundai

Hyundai New Zealand Connected Cars powered by Spark IoT

As a worldwide leader in connected vehicles, Hyundai New Zealand needed world-class IoT connectivity.



A strong platform was needed to ensure world-class IoT connectivity for Hyundai NZ’s Connected Cars programme.


Nationwide connectivity via the Spark 4G mobile network and IoT connectivity management platform.


Vehicle data generated via Spark’s IoT platform has allowed Hyundai NZ to monitor vehicle usage statistics and as a result, enhance their customers’ vehicle servicing experience.

Unleashing IoT vehicle data to enhance the service experience

Owners of Hyundai New Zealand’s new Santa Fe, compatible i30 and Kona vehicles can enjoy the benefits of Auto Link Premium, a service that allows them to be connected to their vehicle at all times. Drawing on data generated by IoT sensors, Auto Link Premium enables innovative features like geo-fencing for vehicle location monitoring, automatic maintenance alerts, tyre pressure and battery status, remote unlock, and parking location via GPS. It can even monitor driving style and suggest ways for the driver to increase fuel efficiency.

To ensure Auto Link Premium is an outstanding experience, Hyundai NZ needs robust and consistent IoT connectivity. That’s where Spark’s 4G mobile network and IoT connectivity management platform comes in.

Six months into the Connected Car programme, real-time data tracked through Spark’s IoT platform has enabled Hyundai NZ to build a detailed picture of how each Auto Link enabled vehicle is being used. Ultimately, the ability to track insights such as average speed, distance travelled and the number of remote activations has resulted in higher standards of road safety and customer service for vehicle owners.

How did Spark add value?

Spark’s Wholesale team simplified the supply chain process by enabling testing of SIMs with Auto Link Premium devices in Korea before being shipped to NZ for fitting in vehicles. By providing ‘test data’ via a ‘roaming’ service model, Spark ensured that each device is seamlessly connected, eliminating service failure
scenarios for Hyundai NZ and its customers.

Spark’s platform enables service and usage analytics, automated provisioning of SIMs, and real-time diagnostics, providing Hyundai with visibility, management and control of vehicle connectivity.

“Spark’s IoT platform has redefined the service experience for our customers. The automation introduced through the Spark solution has allowed us to streamline our business processes, and their network’s performance to date has exceeded expectations.”

- Gavin Young, Hyundai New Zealand

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