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Collaborative digital expertise

A team created to build Aotearoa business

A winning combination

Spark Business Group has been created to offer an end-to-end package for organisations looking to amplify their performance with digital tools. From the hardware and software solutions to create a secure, optimised digital infrastructure to reaching new depths in data and analytics to grow your business performance and productivity, Spark Business Group has the full scope of services to equip your business.

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The power of experts

Understanding the digital landscape is one thing, collaborating to connect and utilise it to the fullest is another. Qrious, CCL, Leaven, Digital Island and Spark make up Spark Business Group. Our cross-discipline collaboration means you can work with experts specialising in the areas you need, combined with the vision and understanding of how it connects to the wider digital sphere for powerful, fluid integration across your business.

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Delivering services across the digital world

Our experts span the digital world, with the breadth of knowledge to explain the advantages of business automation tools, streamline your supply chain, upgrade your legacy systems, uncover new data insights, begin cloud migration for your business or simply help deliver the right internet plan. While each has a field of expertise, collectively you have access to the wide-ranging digital services essential to modern business.

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Results for every industry

Our ability to optimise digital business means we’re capable of meeting the needs of organisations across industries from banking, finance and insurance, to government, education, manufacturing, transport and distribution and retail. Our experience ensures a robust solution that fits the specific needs in your industry.

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