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Vehicle Technologies

Bringing Order to the Chaos with IoT

Vehicle Technologies powered by Spark Wholesale IoT

As Vehicle Technologies cellular and IoT connections continued to grow in NZ and globally, they were looking to partner with a provider that could offer a platform to easily manage these connections.



Vehicle Tech’s fastest growing area of their business includes virtually any customer asset that needs tracking, all requiring cellular and IoT connections. It was a struggle to deal with local telco companies in different time zones, different cost structures and a lack of visibility as to how it all works for the customer on the ground.


Spark Wholesale offered a single point of connection for SIMs and IoT mobile connections, that can be deployed and managed across the globe, providing higher quality and reliability. All at a much better rate because of the scale Spark Wholesale has with its global network of operators.


Vehicle Tech can show their customers exactly what their costs are by individual device and tune their plans - based on accurate data. They can also quickly deploy and configure their own SIMs for each connected device; identify and solve problems faster.

Spark's IoT platform and services helps drive new global growth for Vehicle Technologies

Spark's IoT Control Centre platform and its global reach are combining to help Vehicle Technologies maximise exponential growth in the internet of things.

From its base in Lower Hutt, Vehicle Technologies provides a unique and highly sophisticated online fleet and asset management service to blue chip customers in New Zealand and around the world.  

Customers include the US oil field service giant Haliburton, with operations in more than 70 countries and 55,000 employees.  There are gold mines in Papua New Guinea, agricultural companies across Africa and car fleets throughout the Middle East.  Closer to home, there's Fonterra, Holcim Concrete, Red Bus in Christchurch and Watercare in Auckland.

Vehicle Technologies' point of difference - in both local and global markets - is its strategy of offering a highly customised fleet and asset management SaaS (Solution as a Service).  VT aggregate best of breed fleet and asset management software on to a single cloud platform, with a single point of support and service for a monthly fee.  

Added to that, says VTs sales and marketing manager and company director, Adam Shardlow, is "good old Kiwi support and can-do attitude.  We build close and personal relationships with our global customers based on the quality of our support".

Bringing order to the chaos

“Spark’s IoT platform and services are of a truly international calibre – well able to support our plans to scale to tens of thousands of asset connections down the track,” Shardlow says.

Spark’s IoT platform gives VT the ability to pool data internationally as well as absolute visibility of individual devices.

“We can show our customers exactly what their costs are by individual device and tune their plans - based on accurate data with no smoke and mirrors,” he says. “IoT-connected cameras, for example, consume a lot of bandwidth and can cause significant cost blow outs.

“Now we can see the amount of data being used so we don’t get cost overruns and can control and manage the data remotely with full visibility. That’s a massive time saving with all the data at our fingertips.

“It also allows us to be highly competitive because of Spark’s global scale through its network of telecom partners.  Around the globe, Spark Wholesale can help us get the best service at the best price.  

“We set high standards and Spark helps us meet those standards. It’s really made a massive difference,” Shardlow says.

"Whether it’s technical support, or with local knowledge on telco plans, it’s all about their team. The Spark Wholesale team understands our business and our business goals  - and they’re a good bunch of roosters. We get taken care of and there’s always someone in their highly experienced team who can step up to give us what we need. They’re not focussed on selling us phone hardware or phone minutes, but rather work with us to create a positive dynamic where they are successful by helping us be successful."

- Adam Shardlow,  Marketing Manager and Company Director - Vehicle Technologies

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