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UBCO Bikes

Digitally Connected Bikes Driving Efficiencies

A convergence of Kiwi design and engineering, rapid advances in battery technology, together with Spark’s global IoT platform and service capability is driving dynamic international market growth for New Zealand’s UBCO Bikes.



UBCO required a secure, global IoT solution, giving them connectivity management to their bikes located not just in New Zealand but around the world.


Spark Wholesale provides UBCO with 3G/4G mobile data SIMs through their extensive roaming agreements. Every UBCO 2x2 electric bike is online and connected via Spark's secure IoT Control Centre portal. This gives ultimate control and visibility of all SIMs located in NZ and across the globe. Through the portal UBCO can self-provision, turn SIMs on and off, change plans, monitor usage in real time, set alarms and complete remote diagnostic checks.


This simple but comprehensive solution provides UBCO with global coverage and single portal access for managing connectivity to all of their bikes. Services are invoiced in New Zealand dollars, regardless of location.

Kiwi design and engineering drives global growth for UBCO electric bikes

Farmers are using UBCO bikes, Domino’s Pizza is being delivered by them, and the New Zealand Defence Force is trialling the bikes across all branches of the service. Around the world thousands of UBCO two-wheel drive electric bikes are winning hearts and minds in a new and exciting utility vehicle market niche.

Apart from being designed from the ground up to be two-wheel drive, battery powered, and with unprecedented strength and reliability, a key point of difference is that each of UBCOs bikes is online and regularly phoning home.

UBCO is pioneering new ways for two-wheeled vehicles to be more reliable, cheaper to own and operate, and just all round better than petrol-powered farm bikes, adventure bikes and the traditional moped.

The Big Idea

The Big Idea behind UBCO is a Utility Electric Vehicle (UEV) that will transform the way people ride, work and play.

UBCO's digitally connected UEV platform is more than just an electric bike. It’s a technology solution package designed to span on and off road transport
(2×2), portable power, accessories, and subscription software.  This ‘end-to-end’ solution is proving particularly valuable to fleet managers as well as individual owners.

UBCO’s London-based chief marketing officer, Neil Tierney articulates a compelling vision of how and why UBCO is likely to continue its strong growth and become a significant player in the global market for two-wheeled vehicles.

“UBCO’s product strategy is all about effectively disrupting traditional market niches,” Tierney says. “Whether it’s farm bikes, adventure bikes or the moped style of commuter bike, our digitally connected, electric powered alternative is hard to compete with.

“Internet connectivity is a quantum leap forward. There are operating efficiencies, servicing at the right time, error reporting. It means we can proactively contact the customer and remind them about servicing.

“This really comes into its own with heavy duty applications,” he says. “Domino’s Pizza is a perfect example. Their delivery bikes typically do 20 to 25,000kms a year. This is five times what a moped is designed for, which results in high service downtime.

Their UBCO bikes, in contrast, are designed to handle that workload with far better reliability. Via Spark’s IoT platform, each Domino’s UBCO bike is tracked and visible to the system at all times. This is hugely valuable for Dominos fleet management. Location tracking, delivery confirmation, route planning, service scheduling - and a wealth of operational data – helps Domino's deliver their pizza faster, safer and with lower costs.”

“Working with Spark Wholesale has been a game changer,” Tierney says. Their IoT platform, and their ability to coordinate and support a complex global web of mobile data providers, gives us a single point of service. Spark Wholesale is a highly valued partner in the delivery of our global UEV platform vision.”

- Neil Tierney, CMO UBCO Bikes

“The key thing for us, as a rapidly growing business, is being able to scale our service globally.  Spark Wholesale brings an internationally proven IOT system and method of management to our partnership. They’ve been excellent to work with. The on-boarding experience was pretty seamless and the Spark Wholesale team has been very responsive to our needs.”

- Tim Allan, CEO UBCO Bikes

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