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Data that moves at the speed of business

The rapid adoption of technology across the transport, logistics and distribution sector has revolutionised the industry. It has also brought challenges from disruptive new market entrants, new business models and different customer expectations. Alongside this sit rising fuel costs, driver shortages and government regulation, all placing demands on operators.

Utilising clever digital strategies to manage and innovate is just the beginning of how Spark Business Group could work with you to shift your business. From insuring you have the right enterprise and cloud architecture for your existing operations to securing and future proofing it for tomorrow, our experts can put the backbone in place for ongoing growth.

We can also dive into your data, using AI modelling and machine learning to optimise your current performance and understand trends and likely future scenarios. If you’re looking to go further we can work with you to explore new business models and take an idea from concept to commercialisation with product strategisation. Whatever your destination, Spark Business Group has the people to help get you there.

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