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Bank Of New Zealand

Maximising Parking for Flexible Working

Customer problem

BNZ had significant expenditure each year on a car park lease for its people, and at the same time had owned car parks that were underused.

The problem was amplified when the bank changed its flexible working policy in response to Covid-19, as fewer staff drove into the Auckland CBD.


To reduce the staff car park lease while continuing to provide parking benefits to staff, BNZ adopted Parkable. The solution’s features are driving efficient use of parking spaces, by helping staff book a parking spot a day in advance.

For administrators, the Parkable dashboard allows them to monitor who is parking, and easily transfer parking privileges between employees.


By using Parkable, BNZ was able to use its HQ car park on Queen Street far more efficiently. This meant it could end another car park lease further up the road and save the business significant annual lease costs.

“We’re maximising our space, making things easy for our people and it’s great to see our people sharing their allocated parks when they’re not in the office.” Nick Grieve, GM - Workplace & Technology Governance, BNZ.

More about how BNZ is benefiting from Parkable:

Significant financial savings: By using Parkable to optimise use of its HQ car parks, BNZ could stop leasing a second car park in Auckland CBD with significant annual savings.

Staff experience: BNZ employees can book a park in advance and access free parks onsite whenever executives share their allocated spot. It’s now being rolled out to North Shore and Hamilton locations too.
Easy billing and admin: A manual and complex billing and management system replaced with automatic payment and receipts, and real-time visibility of car park occupancy.

"The way we work has changed and our car parks weren't being used efficiently, but we didn't want to completely remove parking options from our staff. Parkable makes staff parking more efficient, it’s a better parking experience for our team and has meant we’ve stopped leasing an entire separate car park."

- Nick Grieve, GM - Workplace & Technology Governance, BNZ

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