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Enabling Innovation with UbiQuity

The Genesis vision is to be customers' first choice for energy management.

They do this by reimagining energy to put control in customers’ hands. It’s all about being “With you. For you.”

To bring this vision to life, Genesis has developed Energy IQ and the Power Shout offering. Energy IQ, their digital multi-channel platform for customer self-service, offers personalised Electricity Forecasts to help customers better manage their energy use. Power Shout is a way for Genesis say “thank you” to customers by offering free hours of electricity, and a central piece of their retention strategy.

For the May 2019 Power Shout campaign, Genesis aimed to bring the two together. They wanted to boost adoption of Energy IQ, increase redemption of their Power Shout offer and optimise the customer experience.

Genesis asked Qrious to help create a personalised, multi-channel, data-driven customer journey to achieve this.

The challenge

The existing Power Shout customer journey used the UbiQuity marketing automation platform for multi-channel personalisation and data collection. Email and TXT communications promoted the Power Shout and the UbiQuity form and landing page enabled seamless data-field pre-population and booking.

To increase adoption and usage of Energy IQ, Genesis needed to encourage customers to register for the service. And, most importantly, Genesis needed to implement a second journey for existing Energy IQ customers to make their booking.

Both journeys needed to provide the same seamless experience, be completely personalised and show relevant and up-to-date information, no matter which channel the customer was engaging with. For existing Energy IQ users, Electricity Forecast information would be used to personalise email communications and help customers choose the best day and time for their Power Shout.

This meant the campaign needed to run on ‘live’ data so that any changes or updates a customer made would not only update in the database but be reflected in Energy IQ immediately.

"With Qrious, we were able to create seamless customer journeys and really added value for our customers. We’re beating our targets and are thrilled with the results."

- Fiona Turvey, Senior Marketing Manager, Genesis


The solution

Collecting and organising data with UbiQuity to enable innovation

UbiQuity offers a single, flexible database where all customer information can be stored. For Genesis, it housed all applicable customer and account data, and linked personalised Electricity Forecast recommendations to each customer profile.

This enabled advanced segmentation to identify how customers were taking up the Power Shout offer and see conversion rates across click throughs, tracking those who received the email, clicked on the call to action, and submitted the form.

Connecting customer data to Energy IQ in real time

To connect the Electricity Forecast recommendations to the UbiQuity database and the database to Energy IQ, Genesis worked with Qrious to create an API and custom processes that enabled the data to be securely and smoothly passed between these sources - all in real-time.

For Energy IQ users, the real-time data transfer with UbiQuity meant they could update their Power Shout time and date in real-time. UbiQuity also powered all booking forms, with this updating the database and the APIs then updating the Energy IQ platform where applicable.

Personalised, relevant communications with marketing automation

Genesis and Qrious created six versions of the Power Shout invitation email, each with a range of personalisation variants. If they were Energy IQ users, the email included their power forecast recommendation. If they were not, the email included a call to action to sign up to Energy IQ.

Customers not registered for Energy IQ were sent straight to the UbiQuity booking form via a web page. Registered customers were deep linked through to Energy IQ.

For both journeys, following the invitation email and booking, confirmation and reminder emails or TXTs were triggered, personalised based on customer contact preferences.

The results

Increased redemption of Power Shout offer

Genesis beat their Power Shout redemption target, with 68% of customers booking in a Power Shout during the campaign.

They also disproved their hypothesis that users of the Energy IQ app would have a lower redemption rate (because they faced a barrier – logging into Energy IQ in order to book their Power Shout), with an amazing 78% taking advantage of the offer.

Boosted engagement with Energy IQ

Genesis also achieved a 27% take-up rate of the Energy IQ platform and increased engagement through this channel, showing this was a beneficial addition to how they communicate with their customers.

Weekly engagement with Energy IQ increased by 37% from the weeks prior to Power Shout.

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