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Immigration New Zealand

Nurturing Fresh Talent into NZ

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) serves timely and relevant content to applicants, keeping them informed throughout their decision and relocation journey.

INZ's purpose is to bring the best people New Zealand needs to prosper. They offer a range of visas to help those who can contribute to New Zealand to visit, work, study, live, or invest here.

They partnered with Qrious to use Ubiquity to build a comprehensive lead nurture programme for skilled migrants looking to find work in New Zealand. The power and flexibility of the Ubiquity database enables them to send highly personalised communications, based on factors such as their occupation, nationality, age and visa type.

Since implementing the Ubiquity marketing automation platform, INZ  has increased the sophistication of their lead nurture and retention programmes, and allowed them to serve timely content to applicants throughout their decision-making and relocation journey.

The challenge

Part of  INZ's role is to drive interest from migrants whose occupations are on New Zealand’s skill shortage lists. They wanted a solution that kept them engaged throughout the decision-making process, rather than relying on them to find their way back to the INZ website.

They needed a complete lead nurture programme, that could be maintained and managed by immigration staff and built upon over time. Due to the complexity of visa options and industry information, INZ required a sophisticated platform that would hold all relevant data for their prospects and customers. This data would then be used to ensure personalised, relevant communications were sent at key points in a user’s journey.

"We were really impressed that they took the time to understand our business, find solutions that were tailored to our needs, and keep us involved at every step along the way"

- Jonathon Corlett, Principal Advisor, Marketing, INZ

The solution

Automated lead nurture

A complete lead nurture programme was built in the Ubiquity marketing automation platform, that can be maintained and managed by INZ  themselves. Automated email programmes are utilised to keep prospects engaged and monitor their progress through the immigration process, as well as capture more data to further streamline communications.

Data capture

Appropriate applicants who register on the NZ Now website are automatically fed into the lead nurture funnel. The information provided from their registration form is used to serve a series of personalised emails which includes information to help prospects make informed decisions.

NZ Ready

Candidates are encouraged to make use of the ‘NZ Ready’ planning tool which captures additional data which can be used for further targeting and personalisation. Once onshore migrants are targeted with a retention programme to ensure they have relevant information

"Ubiquity allowed us to benefit from the full power of marketing automation."

- Jonathon Corlett, Principal Advisor, Marketing, INZ


The results

Work at scale

Marketing automation provides INZ with the opportunity to capture and nurture leads at a scale which would otherwise not be possible.

Relevancy & personalisation

Using data to create personalised communications ensures relevance and a quality customer experience, providing a great first impression of New Zealand.

Understand their needs

The Ubiquity platform allows INZ to understand potential migrants and focus energies on nurturing key occupational groups to ensure New Zealand is a migration destination of choice for those who can add value to the economy.

Local services

The success of the marketing automation programme stems not just from the marketing platform, but has been supported by Qrious marketing automation services around implementation and ongoing best practice.

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