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Auckland Transport

Innovation Precinct, Wynyard Quater

Smart Streets. Smart Cities.

The Innovation Precinct in Wynyard Quarter is Ground Zero for testing the newest smart ‘things’, as Spark partners with Auckland Transport to bring the future faster.

IoT and 5G technology deployed and connected by Spark is enabling AT to pilot new ways of managing assets, resources and services more efficiently.

IoT-connected infrastructure such as Smart Benches, Smart Bins and Smart Lights are in action now, and helping make the city a more enjoyable place to work, play and interact.

These IoT networked devices will make running a much bigger future Auckland more cost-efficient, and environmentally sustainable.  

Why AT is partnering with Spark IoT?

Auckland is expected to hit 2.4 million people by 2050. City planners need to experience now – in a real-world environment – how new IoT-connected infrastructure will improve safety, congestion, sustainability and convenience, as the city grows and changes.

Result - IoT is having an impact

The IoT tech deployed at Wynyard Quarter is producing encouraging results. People are enjoying the benefits of connected infrastructure, and planners are getting the quality data they need to make better investment decisions.

Innovation Precinct – Smart Lights

IoT-connected Smart Lights installed at Wynyard Quarter are providing valuable data to Auckland Transport planners. They are also ensuring the area is safer and more appealing.

Innovation Precinct – Smart Benches

Solar-powered Smart Benches have been installed in Wynyard Quarter - some with smartphone, e-bike and scooter charging ports. They are also monitoring their surrounding environment.

Innovation Precinct – Smart Parking

IoT-connected Parking Sensors monitor on-street parking bays and provide AT with visibility of occupancy and usage. They also help improve response to overstaying in real-time.

Innovation Precinct – Smart Bins

Spark installed IoT sensors on rubbish bins in Wynyard Quarter’s Innovation Precinct to turn them into Smart Bins. The sensors know when the bins are getting full, and this in turn helps the waste management team optimise servicing

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