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My Top 5 resources for Restless Change Agents


I am a big fan of the Design Thinking method. It is a way to ensure you keep users at the core of everything you do and I have used it to scaffold most of the important changes I have made in the last few years. It is a pretty deep subject - but it is worthwhile getting into it. Best Resource: a book called Change by Design by Tim Brown - CEO of IDEO. (Closely followed by another book: Creative Confidence by David Kelley).

Here is David's TED talk on the book if you have 11 mins. (You should watch it!).

GET LEAN: By this, I mean read another book - Lean Startup by Eric Ries. This book, now more of a movement, has been a game-changer - and combined with Design Thinking (a Design Thinking LeanStartup Mashup!) form the basis of what I call a Digital Operating System for business.

Here is a video which talks about the two methods. It is a great watch. It has Tim Brown (the guy from 1.) Eric Ries and Google Ventures Design Partner Jake Knapp. It is 55 mins long - but 18 mins gives you a good overview. It talks to the use of both Design Thinking and Lean Startup.

GET RESPONSIVE: No, I don't mean HTML5, I mean build a Responsive Organisation. is the website for this movement. A group of practitioners committed to changing the way we work and organise in the 21st century.
Another video, this time from a guy called Aaron Dignan. It is 50 mins long but I found myself riveted by itYou should spend the time... it is very cool. It also has some excellent examples of other organisations which I have used in various internal stakeholder sessions.

BE ACTIVE ON TWITTER: You may already be doing this. Twitter is the best place to follow and engage with thought leaders and experts in the field you are interested in. This is a great group to follow, along with other digital leaders, tech startup people and ideas people in general. This site has become my main resource for information and ideas.

5. Last but not least, FOLLOW Y COMBINATOR: If you don't know the YCombinator story... you should. They basically wrote the book on early-stage acceleration. Don't just look at the site, immerse yourself in the eco-system. It is a great place to meet/link with people (follow Sam Altman, Paul Graham and Marc Andreesson to name a few) and is a treasure trove of ideas about early-stage companies. Much of this might not be relevant in the purest sense but all of it is relevant taken and moulded into a big company context.

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