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Security for Government & Education

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Protecting public data

Protecting the information that enables us all to live and learn is critical for smooth functioning organisations. Information protection is an increasing challenge, with public expectations and compliance obligations demanding that security measures are put in place.

With so much critical personal data, local government bodies have increasingly found themselves the target of hackers and security breaches. Our governmental organisations hold far more data than the private companies, and are often connected, meaning one breach can lead to many. Whether for large-scale social impact or for financial gain, these breaches cause significant disruption to services and undermine public faith. And while budgetary pressures put the squeeze on prioritising security, the cost of not taking care of it is exponentially worse.

In the education sector, so many  different devices are utilised, including personal ones, and with the average person having limited knowledge on what security actually requires, the burden falls on the provider to help protect essential information. The increasing shift of education to online resources has also created vulnerabilities, with education records and research IP in high demand. 

Spark Business Group can offer a Virtual Security Manager to work with you on finding vulnerabilities, identify gaps, then build a technology development plan to move forward. Taking advantage of our managed security provides ongoing access to the latest intelligence and expertise, while maintaining top-level compliance with security best practice and reducing your risks. Should you become the victim of a security attack, you’ll have a well rehearsed and highly effective response ready to implement. Talk to us about your security strategy and protect your organisation today.

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