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Selling securely online

Few industries have been so rapidly revolutionised as much as the retail sector in the past decade. And the pace has only increased as the impacts of the pandemic changed consumer expectations on where, how and when they can shop. 

The retailers who have excelled are those who have embraced the challenges, finding new ways to meet customer demands by taking advantage of emerging technologies, adopting new ways of working, and streamlining the retail experience. From integrating supply chain information, to incorporating IoT for an omni-channel experience, digital touchpoints are everywhere, but they also open back doors for security risks. 

With vast amounts of customer data, online payment information and web analytics all being in demand by nefarious operators, as well as subject to legislative requirements, robust security strategies are crucial to protect your data. A single breach can not only result in fines, but cause massive erosion of your brand reputation.

Spark Business Group can help you familiarise yourself with the language of security and embark on a transformation journey with an inherent security strategy. From identifying the risks in your existing systems, to future proofing your business with robust layers of protection and contingencies for any breaches, our experts can advise in an ongoing capacity. That expertise layers down into the more complex aspects of eCommerce, including third-party JavaScript, managed DDOS to protect against threats, Web Application Firewalling and helping you achieve compliance such as PCI DDS.

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