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Security for Transport and Logistics

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Delivering on security

Transport and logistics companies are at the forefront of industries embracing digital technologies as they emerge. From core operating technologies and IoT tools, to complex platforms that merge data to provide an overview of their supply chain, digital monitoring and management has advanced exponentially. With that data also disseminated to vendors, partners, suppliers and customers along the supply chain there are many potential points where cyberthreats could enter. Whether through malware or direct cyberattacks, the disruption and downtime can cause significant issues, impacting service, revenue and reputation.

Spark Business Group are proven partners capable of helping you develop a security strategy with the right network of partners and vendors. We can help you stay aware of emerging threats and events with 24/7 Managed detection and response.

Begin your security overhaul by talking to a Virtual Security Manager to assess your risk profile and develop an ongoing plan to improve and maintain your online security.

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