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IoT for Government & Education

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Unlock new ways to live and learn

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions unlock new ways for people to live, work and learn in smarter cities. With IoT connectivity we can improve the way utilities and services work, from air quality to waste management and all sorts in between. The ability to collect data insights in near real-time as resources are used enables better planning and management as well as reducing overheads.

IoT solutions are already improving the safety of schools and campuses, optimising use of facilities and providing new ways to engage with learning. Education applications range from smart management solutions such as Parkable for campus efficiencies, to inspirational learning platforms like Electric Garden, giving kids new ways to learn and connect with nature. In the everyday classroom IoT solutions can monitor the temperature, humidity and Carbon Dioxide inside a classroom, notifying staff when the environment needs to be adjusted for optimal learning.


Insights from the data these clever, connected devices produce are being used to improve efficiency and sustainability now, and to guide the future shape of urban areas and city services. Future solutions could improve the quality of the environment with sensors that monitor traffic patterns to minimise congestion and pollution while artificial intelligence could model public transport routes to best serve growing and changing demand, as well as modelling infrastructure and service needs for city planning. 

Spark Business Group can work with you to uncover the opportunities that will deliver the greatest impact for your organisation and then support you with a complete solution including hardware, connectivity, data analytics and insights and after sales support. Our experts have implemented a range of IoT solutions within the government and education sectors. Find out what’s worked for them and how you can use IoT to tap into new and exciting experiences.

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