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IoT for Retail and Hospitality

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Remote control for retail and hospitality

The bustling worlds of retail and hospitality offer plenty of opportunities for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to add value with real time insights and information to assist in your decision making. From ensuring your high value items are monitored to personalized experiences for customers and guests, IoT has the potential to completely change the game. 


Already large-scale supply chain operations are using Asset Tracking to gain visibility of food and beverage consignments, or incoming stock as it moves around the country. Knowing where and when your deliveries are allows informed actions.

IoT  is also helping New Zealand hospitality businesses control costs by reducing waste and improving efficiency, and that’s just with some of the first off-the-shelf solutions. In the hospitality sector we’re increasingly seeing temperature monitoring being used to save money by preventing food spoilage. There are also great benefits for businesses in managing health and safety compliance. 

Spark Business Group can work with you to uncover opportunities that will deliver the greatest impact for your business and support you with a complete solution including hardware, connectivity, data analytics and insights and after sales support. Our experts have implemented a range of solutions in the retail industry. Find out what’s worked for them and how IoT can benefit your business in new and exciting ways.

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