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Building futureproof construction businesses

Construction is an industry with complex compliance and regulatory processes, so it’s exciting to know that IoT is creating new ways to streamline and make things easier and more efficient. The right combination of IoT connected devices can dramatically improve performance and productivity on the construction site. With industry norms seeing more connected machinery available, you can take human error out of the equation and deliver to spec, updating construction details through cloud-connectivity to IoT equipment. 

IoT solutions could give you real-time visibility of people, equipment and workflow like you’ve never seen before. Knowledge of where and when things are happening on and off site can allow greater co-ordination and redirection of resources to minimize downtime and hit deadlines.

Meet your environmental obligations with ease using monitoring sensors that can measure water quality, noise and dust levels as well as vibration impacts. Incorporating parameter alarms and notifications can avoid costly mistakes and help ensure staff safety.


Spark Business Group can work with you to uncover the opportunities that will deliver the greatest impact for your business and then support you with a complete solution including hardware, connectivity, data analytics and insights and after sales support. Our experts have implemented a range of IoT solutions within the construction sector. Find out what’s worked for them and how IoT can benefit your business in new and exciting ways.

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